Being the dean #6 – taking decisions

It is in the nature of the position of the dean to take an uncountable number of decisions every day. While much is purely day to day business, it is still a challenge how to act in a fair and just way, while also being compassionate. Personally, I think many of these decisions are not literally decisions, but actions that have a path dependency that is rooted in the possibilities and opinions of the faculty. Ideally, everybody with an equal amount of knowledge and experience would come to the same conclusion. Most people are not in the position to combine the diversity of opinions as the dean tries to do. Through partial knowledge and not having relevant information people often come to different conclusion. On the other hand can no one know everything, hence communication is key in order to approximate just and fair decisions.
It is understandable that most people have a rather subjective perspectives, just as I can hardly claim at all to be objective. I cannot be. But I will keep trying. The ethics of my actions are certainly not easy to depict. I think one should act rational, reasonable, and try to maximise the utility for all. Any single of these approaches alone is bound to fail. But by reflecting each decision from all three sides I will try my best. My underlying ethical paradigm is that I try to help everybody, if I can. While most decisions are -I think- path dependencies of the possibilities available, some will be controversial. The ideal future I can imagine for me personally is the one where I can stand by all my decisions.