Being the Dean #9 – The dean is a hub of information

The dean is a hub of information.
I think that while knowing builds understanding, ignorance may breed suffering. Therefore, it is the role of the dean to bring information together to understand the Faculty best, and to explain the Faculty and all his decisions to others. Many people now wonder what best can actually mean? I think, we can try to have the best of knowledge at any given point in time, to base our decisions on. Things change, this is trivial. But at some point in time, we should try to get all relevant information together. This is especially important to help others understand. In my experience, this is however not always possible. This wealth of information is needed to take especially controversial decisions. All people are biased by their own view of things. As the dean -hence as a head of a constructed institution- it is important to try to have a view on the diversity of opinions, and then look at all the checks and balances. However if people would know all the diversity of opinions and information about the Faculty, I think most decisions would neither be bold not controversial. I like to think that most are mere path dependencies intermingled with innovations. And this is what I mean by best. All the diversity of information is often leading to several pathways, one of which is best. Many people criticise this best, but I am a true believer in Occam‘s razor (surprise!). However, within a constructed society, some information is also confidential. These secrets are necessary -often for legal reasons- or also since some people trust the dean with information they do bot want to share with everybody. While I think that the smallest part of information I receive is confidential, it is very important to me that this information is a well kept secret that can still be Influential for my decisions. Funnily, many people also share confidential information with me that they also share with many other. While I still guard this information, it is amusing to hear confidential hush hush information from many different sources. Anyway. If you want to understand something about the Faculty that is not confidential, I say ask the dean. He might know, or is glad to hear what he does not know, and will the make efforts to improve his knowledge. Thank you for your contribution!