Henrik von Wehrden

Henrik von Wehrden  is the dean of the faculty of sustainability at Leuphana and member of the methods center. His work aims on applying methods in a new context to create novel knowledge. His research spans across many spatial scales and groups of organisms, as well as explored the normative dimensions of methodological research. Henrik has two interests: Methods and ethics. In science there seems to be on the one hand the empirical approximation of facts through methods, and on the other hand the way we ought to act based on our perception of facts. These two things are currently widely disconnected, and Henrik’s main focus to investigate pathways to bridge this gap.

  • 2016-x Dean of the Faculty of Sustainability
  • 2016-x Full Professor at Leuphana University
  • 2010-x: Junior-Professor at the Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • 2009: Defense of the PhD („summa cum laude“)
  • 2009: Paternal leave
  • 2004: beginning of the PhD work: Vegetation mapping of the southern Mongolian Gobi – and beyond , financed by the FWF and the DAAD
  • 2003-2004: Habitat use of Przewalski horses (FWF project P14992)
  • 2003 diploma thesis: Vegetation mapping of the Gobi- Gurvan- Saykhan National Park using remote sensing and GIS as a basis for nature conservation and resource management
  • 1996-2002: University studies in Marburg, Germany (subjects geography, botany, geology and soil sciences).
  • born 1976 in Duisburg, Germany

Long-term: Mongolia, Argentina, Nepal, USA
Short-term: Spain, France, Ethopia, India, England, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Chile, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic.


Two children (Linus Conrad von Wehrden *2009 & Alwin Vincent von Wehrden *2011) together with Heike Zimmermann.

  1. I like reading blogs on sustainable living & watching associated videos
  2. I am a fanatic of complex ecosystem services that are drinkable, especially Coffee, Green Tea and soda pops from micro-breweries.
  3. I love biographies and autobiographies, and regret that I can not spend more time to get guidance by reading from or about my idols.
  4. Tai Chi // Guitar // Yoga // Meditation //Gardening //Woodwork
  5. I think making food allows us to communicate our emotions – hence I love preparing food.
  6. www.gapminder.org ; www.ted.com ; http://www.youtube.com/user/kirstendirksen ; www.radiolab.org