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Hello there and welcome to this wiki about everyday sustainable consumption!

The research questions and articles you find here were created by students of the Leuphana University in Lüneburg in the context of co-working weekends called “Thinkathons” (derived from the term “hackathon”). The aim is to organize Thinkathons on a regular basis in the future so that this wiki (together with its number of articles) can grow.

You want to consume more sustainably, but you often don’t know how? Is organic food wrapped in plastic for example more sustainable than non-organic food without packaging? And is buying second-hand clothes preferable to the Fairtrade, but newly produced alternative?

This wiki is a first (and fragmentary) collection of articles which may help you on your way to making more sustainable consumer choices.

The articles on this wiki aren’t sponsored (hence completely independent) and are written based on scientific knowledge. Also, they always contain a section with (local) possibilities for action at the end, so that you can directly convert your newly gained knowledge into practice! Since there has only been one “pilot-Thinkathon” so far, you can only find three articles (in both English and German) at this point. 

Also, you may notice some inconsistencies in terms of writing and citation style between the articles. That is because we are still in the experimental phase, trying and learning things as we go. However, the articles are really interesting and may help you with your everyday consumption decisions, so make sure to check them out!

Due to the COVID-19-pandemic, our first Thinkathon took place online, which was a very exciting, yet different experience from what we had originally planned. We are now planning our next, first “analog” Thinkathon and we are looking forward to this new endeavor.

Feel free to send us a feedback on how the articles have helped you and what we could improve in the future! At the bottom of this page you find our contact information.

The Authors

The articles were researched and composed by the following participants of the Thinkathon:

The articles were translated into German by Sonia Ohls.

The Thinkathon Team

Hi there! We are the team behind this wiki and the Thinkathon on sustainable consumption.

Henrik von Wehrden, the dean of the Faculty of Sustainability of the Leuphana University Lüneburg, came up with the idea of collecting the knowledge on sustainable behaviour in different areas that can be applied to everyday situations.

Although we are only a small team of three students who organized the first „Thinkathon on sustainable consumption“ in 2020, we got help from different people of the faculty on the way:

Alexa Böckel helped us in designing an interactive and versatile schedule for the Thinkathon weekend. Alexa Böckel and Julius Ratgens also supported the participants of the Thinkathon weekend regarding content-related and procedural challenges when answering the research questions. Matteo Ramin shared helpful methods for the implementation of the Thinkathon with us. Prabesh Dhakal gave us advice on how to design the wiki and set up the articles and this subpage for us. 

And this is us:


My name is Sonia, I am 21 years old, was born in Hamburg and I study Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Law. I decided to take part in the project because I liked the idea of combining and sharing knowledge about everyday sustainability in a scientifically sound and cooperative way. I hope that there will be a big variety of research questions due to the interdisciplinary composition of Thinkathon members.


I am a bachelor student of Environmental and Political Sciences. Since we cannot passively wait for change that is established in a top-down approach, I think we need to inform ourselves how our lives have an impact and how we can change our impact for the better. Especially when it comes to food consumption, I regularly become frustrated because I do not know what impact my choices might have. I would be glad if this Wiki could help some people to better understand the impacts of their actions in order to act in the best possible way.


I am Fine, 25 years of age and a sustainability science graduate student. Dealing with sustainability problems and trying to find ways to solve them together with the people around me has been a passion of mine for many years. I especially enjoy organizing projects or workshops which allow others to get involved as well, e.g. in the fields of climate protection and sustainable consumption.

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