Teaching Activities

Current teaching

Basic Concepts of Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematische und statistische Grundlagen

Software for Analysing Data

Wissenschaft nutzt Methoden I. Fächerübergreifende Grundlagen und Methoden

Methods II – Disciplinary Methods – Environmental Sciences

Wissenschaft nutzt Methoden. Grundlagen und Methoden der Umweltwissenschaften

“Software for analysing data” is supported by DataCamp, a very intuitive learning platform for data science. We are happy to be able to use their tutorials to learn R, Python and SQL. They use a combination of short expert videos and hands-on-the-keyboard exercises. Thanks!

Teaching before

At Leuphana:

  • R-course at the Leuphana (2010-2015; 3d-4d *2)
  • Historical Ecosystem Services in Central Europe (2014, led by Henrik von Wehrden, Michael Beckmann & Anna Cord [UFZ Leipzig]), winter school together with ESCALATE (UFZ).
  • GIS-course at the Leuphana (2011; 2012; 2013; 2-4d *2)
  • Introductionary lecture (“Ringvorlesung Forschungsmethoden für alle”; 2011, 2012 & 2013; 2h)
  • Introductionary lecture (“Methoden der Umweltwissenschaften” 6h)
  • Introductionary lecture (“Fachübergreifende Methoden” 8h)
  • “Application of Generalized Linear Mixed Effects Models in R” together with Jan Hanspach (2012; 3d)
  • Macroecology” together with Andreas Schuldt & Thorsten Aßmann (2011, 2012,2013, 2014 & 2015; 2h + 2d)
  • Reviewing Methods in Sustainability Science” together with Daniel Lang & Jens Newig (2011; 36h)
  • Reviewing Urban Ecosystem Services” together with Dave Abson, Daniel Lang & Christine Walsmley (2013; 84h), joined effort between Leuphana and Lucsus at Lund, Sweden.
  • Leading the “Research methods” together with Steffi Hobuß for the Studium Individuale
  • Global Classroom, Leuphana and Arizona State University in a joint teaching endeavor (2013-2015)
  • I am a member of the Mentoring program at Leuphana

Outside Leuphana

  • Reviewing rural ecosystem services” together with Michael Beckmann & Anna Cord (2014)
  • R-course at Cordoba University (2014)
  • GIS-course together with Jan Treiber at Senckenberg Wilhelmshafen (2011; 2d)

Before Leuphana:

  • Assistant in a course for the “Plant determination course – advanced level I” led by Prof. Dr. V. Melzheimer (2001-2002; 36h)
  • Assistant in the “Plant determination course – advanced level  II” led by Prof. Dr. V. Melzheimer (2001-2001; 36h)
  • Assistant in the “Harz“-excursion led by Prof. Dr. G. Miehe (2000-2004 3d)
  • Course multivariate statistics together with Dr. habil K. Wesche (2006, 2007, 2011; 2d/24h)
  • Introduction into R program/statistics, together with J. Hanspach & H. Zimmermann et al. at Halle University (2007-2009; 24h)
  • Several introductionary lectures on remote sensing and GIS as part of geobotanical and nature-conservation courses (2005-2010; 2h *x)
  • Introduction in R program/statistics, together with H. Zimmermann, at Cordoba University, Argentina (2008; 2d)
  • Telemetrie-Analyses” together with Jan Hanspach, Göttingen (2010; 2d)
  • Participation in a statistics(-R) course led by Matthias Schleuning & Helge Bruelheide (2010; 6h)
  • Plant determination at Geobotany Halle (2008; 3h)
  • Several lectures on didactics (e.g. giving talks, making posters, writing papers, scientific management; 2008-2010, 2h*x).